Travel Planning

Travel plans are site-based organizational plans to better manage the transportation needs of workers and visitors. Travel plans often combine information, incentives, services and small-scale projects that aim to reduce the amount of single occupancy driving. They are increasingly common as part of planning requirements to reduce traffic resulting from business and residential development, and are also used in schools to  promote safe, active travel.


Workplace travel plans

We can analyze your businesses transportation impacts, survey employees, assess options, negotiate alternative travel options and secure services to create full travel plans meeting City planning requirements or to help you address existing operational issues.


School travel plans 

We can provide classroom activities for pupils, undertake site surveys, assess site conditions and liaise with the PAC, City or School Board to prepare a travel plan for safe and active routes to school that combine health and sustainabilty initiatives in school and safety improvements around it.


residential travel plans

Growing in use in North America from leading work in the UK, we can assess opportunities for reducing travel impacts from new or existing housing developments and prepare a package of measures to meet City planning requirements, reduce current problems or to help market your development more effectively.