Smart mobility

Smart mobility covers a wide range of ideas including redesigning our cities, demographic change, and the growing role of technology in transportation. Activate can help you understand and embrace the future.


Making change work

Investment in transportation used to be about 'predict and provide', today however we are building to change demand. New bike lanes, transit priority and walkable neighbourhoods are valuable but also need to engage people if they are change behaviour. We can provide guidance, initiatives and strategies to get more impact from transport investments.


sharing generation 

Millennials are adopting car sharing faster than any other generation while new vehicle services are expanding into every niche powered by on-demand apps and smart phones. We can help cities and agencies prepare for the growth of shared transportation and the potential development of mobility as a service. 



The push for automation is transforming car manufacturers and drawing tech companies into transportation. We can provide research, advice and policy briefings to help Council, residents and stakeholders decide how to respond to the evolution of driving.