New mobility

New mobility is a catch-all term for how our transportation demands, cities and systems will respond to the increasing role of technology. New mobility could be the answer to a range of urban mobility problems, or make them far worse. We are here to help you actively shape the future you want.


changing behaviour

A critical determinant of future of mobility will be how we change our behaviour. Will we abandon transit for robot cars, or abandon our personal car for bike share? Understanding what influences travel behaviour and who can be influenced, will help agencies shape policies, incentives and regulations to ensure new mobility services create positive outcomes rather than reinforce negative habits. We can advise on a range of evidence-backed mobility management strategies and interventions.


Connecting cities 

Cities can be difficult to navigate today leading people to resort to familiar defaults.  The increase in mobility options will create greater choice but with it, much more need for coordinated information and common standards. If we want people to be multi-modal, we must give them the confidence to make connections. We can provide wayfinding strategies and connect you with industry-leading experts in design, digital and asset management. 


shared mobility and Automation

Technology could provide the web of services necessary to help people 'cut the car', but achieving this will require fundamental changes in how the public sector set policy, operate and regulate services. We can help you to establish a vision for the mobility future you want, and facilitate complex discussions with government, industry and researchers to produce adaptive strategies and experimental programs that shape your future.