Most of my career was spent in the UK. Working in local and regional government as a civil engineer and transport planner I developed specialisms in active transportation and transportation behaviour change which led to leading roles in significant EU partner projects such as PIMMS and ASTUTE. Some of my more notable work is referenced below.


London borough of bromley - pers

While manager of transport strategy for the London borough I conceived a comparative assessment of walkability to assist Councillors to understand the importance and priorities for enhancing walking environments. Developed by the Transport Research Laboratory, the Pedestrian Environment Review System (PERS) has been adopted widely across the UK.

SELTRANS - workplace Travel Planning

As advisor to the chair of the South East London Transport Strategy group of boroughs, I developed and obtained funding for one of the first travel planning advisory teams in London. The team provided direct consultancy to large businesses in the sub-region encouraging them to increase walking, cycling and car pooling and to manage staff car parking.


LL00201_MONC_2A_FM_1 v4_o.jpg

transport for london - legible london

In liaison with the Central London Partnership, I developed the business case and program for the pilot and roll out of the Legible London walking wayfinding project. Commissioning the award-winning design team at AIG and working with several London boroughs, I had a strong hand in Legible London being possible as an iconic part of TfL's legacy and an international benchmark of quality.